Well hello there gorgeous! 

    My name is Brittnie Donaldson.

    So I guess this is the part I talk about myself. 

HUMMM...I am a mother to 3 beautiful boys! YUP ALL BOYS! That, is an adventure all its own! I am super laid back, pretty goofy, and I am told I get overly excited when I am shooting ha ha :)  

    Well photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Back in high school, over 10 years ago now :/ I took photos of friends, senior pictures and even a few maternity pictures. Started working for a company 5 years back doing photography for them...And then I became a Navy wife. This is when the magic happened! I up and moved all the way across the country. I grew up in a small town in North Idaho, population 8,000 to a full blown city of over a quarter million! Culture shock for sure!!!  I wanted to stay home with the baby and stop working over 100 hours a week. (Yup work aholic here)

     I started working for myself, taking portraits of families, babies, engagements. 

    Then I had a client ask me if I would be willing to do a boudoir session for her on the beach. UMMM YES PLEASE! I left that session on a high that I can't explain! This is when it hit me! This is my calling! The way I was able to show her just how amazing she was, the empowerment I was able to give her! The empowerment she felt looking at herself after, was like nothing I had ever felt before! 

    So here I am now! My goal is always to show woman just how beautiful they are! No matter their size, shape, age, color, style! Every BODY is beautiful! 

     I get to meet the most amazing woman with even more inspiring stories than I could of ever imagined! All through the art of boudoir. This is my calling! I work so close with my clients that they become my friends! 

    So there you have it folks :) This is me! Now lets make magic! 


    Hey, girl, hey! I’m the other Brittany, Brittany Noto!

    So you’re sitting there like, ok girl, who are you really…? Well, let me answer that first. I’ve been married to a hunk of burnin’ love for FOREVER, have two tiny humans and two fur children, and like long marathons of sitting on the couch with a hot cup of joe and binging Friends for the umpteenth time. When I’m not running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I’m juggling a kid that lives the Celiac life, a tiny diva that has sass for days, and a husband that is obsessed with fitness.

    Empowering women has always been a passion of mine. When I realized that my love for makeup and hair could blend with that, the heavens started to sing haha!

    Years of tutorials, classes, and research have led to this point, and I am living my calling. From proms, brides, and moms to friends, photo shoots, and special occasions, I love making women feel confident and beautiful when they are preparing for their special day.

    So buckle up, girlfriend! Your boudoir shoot is about to be the most fun you’ve had while looking and feeling gorgeous!

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