Behind the Lens

Hello beautiful! I'm brittnie

This is the part that I'm supposed to talk about myself right? I am a loving wife, mom of boys, wineo! I have FOUR amazing boys who originally inspired me to take my photography hobby and turn what I love into my career!

I have been in the industry about a decade, started off doing product photography, then moved onto families, children and eventually weddings. But something was still missing, and this ladies is where I found my passion for boudoir.

Why Boudoir?

I 100% believe that every BODY is beautiful! I have also learned throughout my journey that every woman has her struggle, her story. I want to hear your stories, help you grow and learn to love yourselves! We will not look like this forever, no matter what time in your life, documenting and celebrating you is my passion! We here at the studio WANT to celebrate you! No matter what part of your journey you're on.

Behind the Pallet

Hi! My name is Tiffany!

My makeup journey started as a little girl trying on all my mothers makeup, of course! Through years of doing friends and family members makeup, my love blossomed. I attended Montana Beauty Institute in 2017 and after graduating, began doing wedding makeup. All of that changed when I met Brittnie. Getting to enhance every woman's natural beauty has become my passion! When I'm not working, you can find me crafting and watching true crime documentaries. I'm also a mom to 5 loving cats!

Behind the Scenes

Julian here behind the monitor!

I've had the pleasure of appreciating my wife's ability to put every woman on a pedestal since the beginning! Now that I'm no longer Nuclear Navy, I've stepped out of Electrician work to focus on empowering women, and fixing whatever problems arise from crafting for the studio, to building on the internet! I'm certainly the nerd of the trifecta, but when I'm not balancing the scales, I'm spending time with Mrs. Donaldson, and our gaggle of wee ones! You'll see me on the internet, but not in the studio!