Mrs. C

"I met these ladies at a Women's Empowerment Conference that I hosted back in January. I wanted to have them there to inspire and share what they do with the women in attendance. Little did I know what they would do for ME!

Having struggled with body image issues, eating disorders and anxiety most of my life... I finally began to love my own body as it is. I began to accept myself and my body with all of its beautiful flaws and imperfections. This body has been through a lot... having several miscarriages, birthed two beautiful girls, weight gain and loss and gain again....It was time to learn to embrace that. ALL of it.

But nothing compared to the moment I saw myself through that camera lens. I have NEVER seen myself this way before. I was confident, beautiful and so flippin empowered! These ladies brought something out of me that I had lost. There were nerves, there was laughter but they made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and put me at ease the entire time. I thank you both for helping me to find my fire again. It means more to me than I could ever explain."