Mrs. C

"I met these ladies at a Women's Empowerment Conference that I hosted back in January. I wanted to have them there to inspire and share what they do with the women in attendance. Little did I know what they would do for ME!

Having struggled with body image issues, eating disorders and anxiety most of my life... I finally began to love my own body as it is. I began to accept myself and my body with all of its beautiful flaws and imperfections. This body has been through a lot... having several miscarriages, birthed two beautiful girls, weight gain and loss and gain again....It was time to learn to embrace that. ALL of it.

But nothing compared to the moment I saw myself through that camera lens. I have NEVER seen myself this way before. I was confident, beautiful and so flippin empowered! These ladies brought something out of me that I had lost. There were nerves, there was laughter but they made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and put me at ease the entire time. I thank you both for helping me to find my fire again. It means more to me than I could ever explain."

Mrs. A

I just wanted to post on here and thank both Brittnie and April for helping me pull off the Halloween mini! I've had a shoot before with a different photographer and I can easily say these two are the ones to go to if you want a fun and laid back session. I laughed/smiled a lot and truly enjoyed every minute with them. After having 4 wonderful children my self esteem is back where I have wanted it to be thanks to them

If anyone is on the fence about a session, please do it. You won't regret your decision.

Ms. H

I have to say, I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined I would... or could do something like this, especially after 2 kids! It is so far out of my comfort zone. However, I am mind blown! Brittnie and April were absolutely amazing!! If you have ever even considered doing this... YOU NEED TO!! I have never felt more confident than shooting with these two ladies. Going into this I was struggling and second guessing even going through with it. Up until the morning of... and from the time I walked in the door, they eased my anxieties and made me feel so comfortable, pampered and beautiful!!! I am in love! I also have shared with my man, and he too is

mind blown!! Lol Thank you ladies for making me feel so confident and beautiful in my own skin!

Ms. B

If you didn’t already know, Brittnie and April are fuggin amazing. I decided I wanted to do this about year ago but didn’t have the nerve to pull the trigger until I was added to their VIP group. Body insecurities are something I assume we all probably deal with but these ladies made me feel at ease and by the time we were done I was ready to book another shoot lol. I can’t remember a time when I saw a photo of myself and thought damn I look beautiful. So I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. Thank you for helping me feel confident and seeing something in me that I never thought was there

Mrs. L

Ladies! Look at the amazing job that Brittnie and April did!! I can’t even believe this is me! I was initially so nervous and scared to do this boudoir shoot but by the end of the session I was having a blast! Such an empowering experience! Brittnie and April are experts at what they do! If you have a chance to do this with them, don’t pass up the opportunity! You won’t regret it!

Mrs. K

I wanted to share one of my photos from my shoot with you all because I want you to know it’s okay. It’s okay not to be perfect. What even is that anyway? If you know me personally you know I’m on a weight loss journey. I told myself I would get photos of myself at this stage in my journey and then again in a year. This shoot was to celebrate ME. As women that’s not something we do often. We are the care takers. The peace makers. We rarely have time for us. Please make time for you. You deserve it. So if anyone is on the fence about doing a shoot. Do it girl. You will not regret it. Brittnie and her team do a phenomenal job. For me it was like we had known each other our whole lives. We laughed, we talked, we had so much fun.